Como interpretar o nível de treinamento informado no site

To ensure participants get the most out of Microsoft training the technical level of each course has been classified and listed below.

Level 100 Description:

Level 100 Microsoft training is an introduction to the topic or overview and assumes little or no expertise with the topic being covered. Typically level 100 courses cover concepts, functions, features and benefits.

Level 200 Description:

Level 200 Microsoft training covers intermediate learning materials and assumes 100-level knowledge and provides specific details about the topic and a fairly complete understanding of the features. 200-level training may discuss case studies that cover a breadth of common scenarios or explain how to use more advanced features.

Level 300 Description:

Level 300 Microsoft training covers advanced learning materials and assumes 200-level knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of product features in a real-world environment. 300-level training provides a detailed technical subset of product technologies that illustrate specific aspects of the product that are key to improving performance or interoperability, covering architecture, performance, migration, development and deployment.

Level 400 Description:

Level 400 training covers expert learning materials and assumes a deep level of technical knowledge and experience, as well as a detailed, thorough understanding of the topic. 400-level courses are essentially expert-to-expert sessions and the 400-level training content provides the means for customers to push products to maximum performance, achieve the broadest possible interoperability and create applications using the most advanced features.


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